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In the venerable words of Britney Spears, “gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more.”

social media success

The basic Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter isn’t enough for consumers today. Now, companies are turning to Snapchat and Instagram Stories to give the content that people are craving, and we love it!

As an avid Instagram and Snapchat user, I spend hours just clicking through the Snap and Insta Stories of my favorite brands and influencers. The thrill of seeing the behind the scenes and additional aspects of a company or brand is invaluable to a customer! It creates a tighter bond to the brand in which you feel like an exclusive insider.

With over 150 million active users, Snapchat has become the desired platform to display brand stories and derive loyalty from customers. It is no secret that companies are having success with Snap Stories as Instagram caught on and pushed out a new feature identical to it. With a larger reach of 700 million active users on Instagram, over 70% of them use the Story feature.

Anyone can make a Snapchat or Instagram account and upload Stories, but what drives consumers to watch them? Here are 5 creative ways to connect with followers and grow your audience and customer loyalty through Stories:

Deliver Behind The Scenes Content

Everyone wants to know what is going on behind the curtain. Showing footage of the day-to-day life in the office, or just messing around with coworkers is always fun. People want to know the ins-and-outs, and the secrets! Preview new products, services, or updates that are in the work and you will have your followers feeling that VIP status. ?

Form a Campaign or Contest (prizes always a plus+)

A little competition never hurt!

Start a hashtag or challenge and get your followers to partake! You can feature screenshots of your followers partaking in the campaign and put it in your Story for participants to see either themselves featured or what others are doing! It’s a great way to form community and get your followers active. A prize or special offer for the best post is always a great incentive!

Speak Out

Inform your consumer without having them read up and research your brand on their own. Story short segments of employees describing various functions of the company. This can be services/products offered, the mission statement, teaching lessons in the subject area of your company, and so on! There is so much to learn about a company, and hearing right from the company itself is the best way to learn!

Connect Outward

Use that swipe! On Instagram Stories, the Swipe-Up feature lets you link out to any web page. The perfect way to get followers to your blog, website, product page, or even to news outlets that mentioned or featured your company (*wink* *wink* great PR).

Go Live

Be in the moment with your customers. Instagram Story lets you stream live while sending a notification out to all your followers that you are live! This feature is perfect for events! For example, live story a convention that your company is attending. Bring your customer in with you and let them see through your eyes as it’s happening!