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As professionals in social media marketing and strategy, working with your brand, service or product in social media involves the task of maximizing engagement of customers and potential customers to help build, promote and support their brand, service, or product. When it comes to social media engagement, you have to manage and plan social media content across different social media platforms that will reach customers and potential customers where they live…where they’re most likely to engage. We’ve compiled a helpful list of 6 ways to increase social media engagement.

What do you think?

One effective way to get people engaged with your content is to get them thinking and responding to questions or puzzles others online. People like to be able to put their thinking to use, to express their own opinion (or opinions) on something and weigh in on a topic with their thoughts. This might give some insights into their personalities, and how to reach them more effectively.

What do you know?

You might also engage them by testing their knowledge on a subject as it relates to your brand, service or product. It’s a challenge that a lot of people enjoy engaging in because it helps affirm what they think they know or identify what they should know. Set it up as a game that they’ll find hard to resist.

Cast your vote!

social media engagement poll

On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can easily engage your followers by creating surveyable and measurable polls that help you obtain aggregate information and insights about how they perceive your brand, service or product, and helpful, meaningful insights about them and their lives.

Write back!

A personal request from a brand to their customers to reply to an email can be a highly effective strategy to engage them and create more of a one-on-one type of relationship. Making the brand seem more personal and connected to customers helps to solidify brand loyalty and support.

Ask and receive!

A simple question or questions can engage customers to respond positively with more in-depth interactivity than almost anything. The answers can be relevant, timely, and thought-provoking which can work in your favor by helping them shape their brand image, customer service, and product loyalty.

Make it Useful!

Customers will find social media more engaging when they find that there’s more to it and in it for them. Content that is very useful and helps to engage existing and potential customers is content that can provide “news you can use”, such as tools, blogs, infographics, downloadable information, webinars and online instruction, and more.

As the landscape continues to evolve in more organic ways, social media engagement will always play an active role.