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Social Media Marketing

Unlike a lot of shops, we don’t believe in social for the sake of social. We believe in turning your social channels into revenue channels. Leveraging community management, a combination of organic and paid executions, and in-depth analytics, we deliver actionable sales insight through leveraging?social audiences.

A #Winning Social Media?Plan



social media marketing




There’s a lot more to a successful social media marketing strategy than just an optimized profile or content calendar. Before even the first tweet is composed, our strategist, content specialist, and community manager sit down with you to cover both soft and hard goals regarding individual account?engagement and overall social channel conversion?respectively.

From there, we build out a testing period to?discover what’s driving?on-site revenue and conversion most effectively. With your KPI’s in mind, and that data to back our execution, we then take the training wheels off and leverage the accounts that work for your business to the extent that they work. Is Instagram a greater conversion source than LinkedIn? Cool. We’ll make sure more of our attention goes to nurturing that Instagram audience.

Remember when Facebook business pages had the larger profile pic on the left? We do. We’ve been working in social marketing since 2010 and have helped both B2B and B2C brands increase market share and social conversions. Our experience provides a great baseline for insight into your ideal strategy, but our in-depth account planning enables us to find the perfect approach for your company.


So you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Great – but are your customers? Our free?audit covers an in-depth analysis of your business, marketing?goals, KPIs, digital presence, and consumer behavior. Once we understand your customers, we can help you understand which channels to leverage.


Once?we’ve made a recommendation as to which channels to leverage, we’ll ramp up our community management team and get them rolling out content. Augmented by our graphic design team, they’ll be able to craft great content as well as manage incoming questions and inquiries. Basically, we do the day to day management to make your life a lot easier.


Once we’ve had some time with your audience and channels, we’ll be able to analyze what’s working and what’s not. With this insight, we’ll change approach, profile presentation, and messaging as needed. Much like our other work, everything is iterative and we’re always optimizing for, and building, success.


Organic channel management is key, but so is the need to constantly build your audiences and turn them into site visitors with direct response units. This is a?Pay-Per-Click model but instead of focused on keywords, we’re making placements based on psychographic insight. Pay for visit, app install, or conversion – we’ll make sure it’s #??.


People are talking about your brand – and not just in reviews. We keep our ears to the ground, finding mentions of your brand and engage to either reign in a situation or turn some love into a brand ambassador situation. We don’t just keep to networks you’re currently on, either – we monitor all networks and even Reddit to see what’s up.


Not sure what to use on Instagram? No worries. We’ll come up with a content strategy that can include everything from leveraging assets you already have to creating a user-generated content campaign. Nothing says #brandlove quite like a whole ton of happy customers sending in comments, pictures, or videos about your company.

Let's Get Growing

What channels work for your brand? Let’s hop on the road to growth together. First things first is our complimentary social audit. Then we’ll figure out which channels are best for your brand and put together a package deal just right for you.

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