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Biz Dev & Marketing Manager

Biz Dev & Marketing Manager

Are you someone who loves closing sales and aim to help customers with best solutions? Do you enjoy evaluating projects with timelines and deliverables?

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers

Have you worked on a design for hours in the quest to get it perfected? Do you believe that God and The Devil, both, are in the detail?

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Social Media Intern

Social Media Interns

 Are you willing to multi-task and carry out all sorts of odd jobs? Do you consider yourself a bit of a social media junkie?

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Web Designer

  Web/HTML/CSS Designer

Do you eat, breathe, sleep HTML/CSS code and absolutely love designing websites and web pages? Are you one of those who can quickly deal with the DIVs, the Bootstrap and Media Queries and make everything look perfect on all devises?

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Blog Writer

Content/Blog Writer

 Are you a curious person, who loves to write? Can you cut to the chase and convey complex concepts in ways that people get it?

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IT trainee

  IT Intern

Are you a hardware junky who can fix anything that slows down, stops reacting or simply packs up? Do you have that Midas touch which can fix everything IT in our office?

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