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If you haven’t broken out of your stubborn attempts to withhold your company/business/brand from social media then what are you doing? If you’re looking for new ways to increase your conversion rates, it’s a no-brainer. Social media has not turned into solution central for helping potential customers locate products, goods, and services but a place to be persuaded to buy.

Whether you are taking the plunge to get your brand online or you’re tired of the few results your monotonous social media strategy has been performing, listen up.

1. Hit ’em Where It Matters
Take a look into what channels work best for you already. Where are you getting the most conversions or engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.)? Once you know the answer, create content that is unique to those channels. All hands on deck to maximize your efforts where it counts!

2. Ditch the Links!
Yeah, it’s important to link back to your product, site, or blog to help get that conversion, but users don’t want to be slammed with your hard-selling. Share content that is fun and engaging. This will help you build brand trust and ultimately lead to conversions.

3. Know Your Audience!
Don’t ‘bro’, ‘hey gurlll’, or ‘LMAO’ to your followers if they don’t fit that demographic (but who does really?). Consider your buyer personas but keep an eye on the breakdown of demographics that each channel provides.

4. Use Social Media for Customer Support!
It’s no secret that customers are turning to social media to both praise and drag business alike. If you aren’t actively responding to the hate and addressing customer concerns and issues on a public platform, then you could be losing some major sales. According to Sprout Social, 74% of consumers rely on social media networks to guide their purchase decisions! Make sure you are implementing better communication and customer support strategies across social media.

5. Social Media Ads
Don’t be afraid to boost a post or create an ad targeted at your audience. This is a fantastic way to get new customers to your profile and target those that are likely to convert!


Chances are you’re already on social media yourself, so what’s the holdup? If your business has a social media presence already, take a stab at some of our tips and see what works for you and your conversion rates. The ROI is there and being social matters!