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4 Web Pages Every Business Website Should Have

The internet has evolved over time, and so have its usage trends. With over 4.65 billion users of the internet, customer behavior has changed drastically, and businesses have been up to the task. Today, a website isn’t the deal-maker simply because every business has it.

However, an optimized business website that comprises all the essential web pages, performs well on search engines, loads fast, etc., gives you an edge above others. Every website is unique, but these parameters remain constant throughout.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the must-have web pages that all business websites should have: 

1. Home Page

A website’s home page is like the front door. The users open it, stay on it, and finally navigate to the web page that interests them. If you fail to please them right at the start, it’ll be difficult to catch up later. Why? Because Sweor informs that it only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website.

Pay special attention to your business website’s home page. Ensure that branding is consistent on all the web pages and the website is easy to navigate. If visitors have a hard time figuring out the mechanisms of your website, they’ll bounce off and the same would impact SEO too. 

Choose an elegant theme that gels well with your business niche. Don’t forget to add social media buttons that’ll take the user to your social accounts and relevant CTAs where necessary.

2. About Page

The about page is not just any other web page on your website. It’s an opportunity to establish an emotional connection with the visitor by portraying your vision, mission, hard work, and struggle. You can entrust the customers right from the start with an impactful about us page.

A report by Get Uplift informs that around 52% of the people tend to visit a website’s about us page. If they like what they read on this page, they’ll also like what you do and the way you do it. So, don’t publish an about page just for the sake of it. Utilize it to connect to your audience, express your feelings, and share your brand’s story.

You can further optimize the about us page by placing a call-to-action like “check our collection,” “here’s a free trial,” and more.

3. Services/Product Page 

The product and services page is where the magic happens. Once you have greeted the user with your elegant home page and they know about your brand through the about us page, it’s time to turn them into customers. The services page holds the description of your offerings along with the various subscription plans, price charts, etc., depending on your venture.

Smart use of images is imperative as it adds another dimension to your web pages and makes the content more engaging. As per CXL, the visitors spend more than five seconds to understand and relate to your product’s main image. If the main image is spot-on, the chances of conversion substantially increase.

You can include a dedicated FAQs section for each product and utilize your customer’s feedback as social proof of your offerings. Describe your product so beautifully that they get a feel of it even before purchasing it.

4. Contact Us Page

The contact us page comes into the picture when everything’s said and done from your end. The visitor had a memorable time on your website and now wants to get in touch with you to know more about your offerings. How is he supposed to do that if you haven’t mentioned any point of contact?

That’s where the contact us page comes to the rescue and provides the user multiple options to get in touch with you. You can provide email assistance, chat query resolution, postal address, and a phone number where they can reach out to you. Webmasters now mention their Skype ID and details of other such platforms too.

Keep the contact us page updated at all times. Replace the old email address that you no longer use with the latest one and do the same for all other contact channels mentioned on the web page.

To Conclude

This concludes the list of the types of web pages that cannot afford to overlook while designing your business website. Each of these web pages has its unique purpose, and if designed perfectly, you’ll always stay ahead of your competitors. 

Is there any other web page that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section. You can also contribute to our Guest Post section. Click here to know more.

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